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Copyright 2016. Meena Na All rights reserved.

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​Artist's Note_2018

I was exposed to violence for years due to the neglect of my parents. That memory makes me upset or angry when i watch unreasonable things on TV or around me. That emotions linger in my heart and mind until this day. These remaning feelings drove me to other social issues, naturally leading to this project. Thanks to my parents' continued indifference and liberty with money, I was able to rent comics and video to my hear’s content, which developed my interest in them. That is the reason why my major tools are painting and video. Before 2016, I worked on animation, documentary, installation art and painting. But after some confusing time, I narrowed my interests down to video and Korean painting. The techniques sometimes work with one anther, but in some cases they work separately. Overlapping between painting and video can show time frames exsiting in diverse layers. My two habits of thinking(habit of watching the video record i shot repeatedly) and expressing(Korean painting) slow are well displayed in my project. These characteristics seem to make my progress a bit slow. Despite my edurance, i believe i need to work with other artists around the world to expand this series in other directions. 2019 will see a Hawaiian and Philippine versions of the <American Village> Series. The 'Video Painting’ will describe the veiled imperialistic brutal history behind seemingly peaceful attractions incluing Jeju, Okinawa, and Guam. After that, i am going to visit many other islands. My ultimate goal is to try a series of the <Solidarity of the Islands> with all the pieces.

​<The coast was silent>Series_2018

This exhibit features <The Coast Was Silent>, a new version of The <American Village> Series. Guam, a famous tourist attraction, is my third visit after Jeju Island and Okinawa. The real owner of Guam, a U.S. territory, is the Chamorro tribe. Guam was once invaded by by Spain and Japan. In the <Spiral of Silence, 2 Channel Video Projection on Korean Painting, 210x148cm X 2, 36min 25sec, 2018>, in which novelist Kim Hye-na shares her experience of watching my work by subtitle. Her narratives describing the scar from breaking up and inoperative arms in the sea are played with video. I will visit many islands including the Phillipines and Hawaii for the <Solidarity of Islands> which will be the final work. The place filled with beautiful trourist destinations is also a scene of protest and a certain place that we live.


I have videotaped various things happening in Gangjeong Village, Jeju Island habitually since I started visiting the village since 2012. In 2016 when I visited Okinawa in which the Solidarity of Islands, an 
organization organized by activists from several islands, is working. I have been working on the <American Village> series that features imperial brutality afflicted by the U.S. on major islands with traffic importance in the East. Shooting begins, for one static clip one stuffed painting is made, two media overlaped. I decided to dub it lyrical “Video Painting”. Watching the Ferris Wheel of the American Village in Okinawa, I found it irony that Okinawa, a seemingly peaceful island is home to 70% of all the U.S military bases. The Ferris Wheel of the American Village represents chaos this age is facing. Entering the exhibit venue feeling happy eeing the Ferris of wheels, I instantly feel that the place is where protests are taking place and we are living.


Napunzel is a compound word of Rapunzel and Na, my last name.

It is an exhibition of POPUP enabled by a public arts project by Seoul. Pop-up stores are a short-term lease store called 'Galse' that cannot be protected by the law. Exhibition places that do not last long can be leased by Galse. It can be an experimental pop-up exhibit that can also raise awareness of the role of public arts. During the prepatory period of the exhibit, Na Meena had to be stuck for 70 days at the top of a now-defunct shopping mall in Nowon-Gu with a severe back pain. Bedridden most of the time, Na Meena came to realize ‘Galse’ in the shopping mall stems from insecure economic circumstances. While moving aroud ‘Galse’ stores in the shopping mall where my hospital was located in, I felt that the vast majority people here incluiding myself are suffering from job insecurities. The economic instablility i'm having now started with my back. Insecure spine and its surrounding sturctures such as muscle and ligament are likely to cause pain and disfunction, leading to spine problems that often need being admitted in the hospital. In this regard, insecure ‘Galse’ stores can undermine the function of the CBD area, making the local economy suffer. People in this day and age, often suffer from unstable spine. The same goes for the local economy of ours. I would like to talk to people visiting this POPUP place in Nowon-Gu about 'Galse', 'shopping malls',  'insecurity', and ‘security'. At KyongChoon Supkil in Nowon-Gu, I operate a health center for spine where people visiting there can relax and exercise. Through the Napunzel story where she had to be stuck at the top of one store for 70 days, i dream of a stable local economy.


This is a screen installation artwork displaying conflicts between empty words and the reality. This project begins with this imagination in mind that "If all the No-won Gu lawmakers kept all their campaign promises, it would become one of the best neighborhoods in the country.” Na Meena produced the video performance while walking 10.7 km along the Danghyeon stream(2.6km) and Jungnang stream(8.1km). Around Jungnang stream, Nowon-Gu is divided into Sang-Gye(upper stream) Jung-Gye (mid stream) and Ha-Gye(bottom stream). Na Meena, a native of Nowon Gu, classifies No-won Gu into Chunsang-Gye(heaven), Jung-Gye(connecting place), and Jisang-Gye where people live. Of 3-channel video footage, the upper video is based on a story of Kim Si-sub. In the story he is known to have floated 100 poetry on the water in the Su-Rak Mountain in the Joseon Dynasty. The video compresses 10 short stories into 10 sentences. This project involving Na Meena, scenario author Mizi, and rapper Big Size is designed to represent the reality and  ideology of No-won Gu. Another video project is a edited version of the voice tone of No-won Gu lawmakers in the campaign with the help of an auto-tune program. 10 short story raps on the upper side and auto-tuned sound on the lower side are jumbled into a piece of music.

the upper side of Channel 1 - Ha-Gye (Jisang-Gye, people live here)
the lower side of Channel 2 – Sang-Gye (Chunsang-Gye, heaven)
the bottom of Channel 3 – Jung-Gye (intermediary or connecting role)

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